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How to Speed Up Build Time ?

For projects using SCons or developers using build systems in IDEs (see the :ref:`section-developer-FAQ-IDE` section), it is possible to speed up the build time by parallelizing most of C++ compilations. This is usually done using the -j<CPU_COUNT> flag with SCons: For example

scons -j6

will use, when possible, 6 concurrent compilations.


It is not recommended to set <CPU_COUNT> to a value superior to your number of processors. From a console, you can see yout number of processors by typing the following command line in a Python interpreter:

import multiprocessing

To avoid using the -j<CPU_COUNT> flag each time, you can type the following command line in your console:


This will automatically set the number of concurrent compilations to your number of processors minus one. You can manually specify the number of concurrent compilations using the --number <CPU_COUNT> flag.

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