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Configure your Computer

In order to ease the development of the StatisKit software suite on multiple operating systems, the Conda package and environment management system is used. To install Conda refer to the section :ref:`section-user-install-prerequisites`.

Once Conda is installed, you need to create a development environment called statiskit containing the meta-package statiskit on your computer. To do so, type the following command line

conda create -n statiskit-toolchain statiskit-toolchain -c statiskit -c defaults --override-channels


On Windows OSes you must first download and install Visual Studio Community 2017 (available on this page).

Then, to activate the statiskit environment for each build of StatisKit software suite components, type the following command line

conda activate statiskit-toolchain


If you want a fine grained configuration, report to the :ref:`section-developer-faq` section.

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