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Create a New Repository


It is here assumed the:code:statiskit-dev environment has been installed and activated as written in Section :ref:`section-developer-configure`. This section heavily relies on the devops-tools program. For more information on the github, travis_ci and appveyor_ci commands, refer to their documentation <>.

Official repositories of StatisKit are currently hosted on GitHub. In order to create an official repository of StatisKit we recommend to proceed as follows.


In the following <REPOSITORY> denote the official repository name.

  1. Initialize the repository on the organization account. To do so, type the following command in your console

    github init <REPOSITORY> --owner=StatisKit --license=apache-2.0
  2. Clone the repository from the organization account to your computer. If this repository is already cloned on your computer, you can skip this step. Otherwise, type the following command in your console

    github clone <REPOSITORY> --owner=StatisKit


    After this step, it is assumed that your console working directory is the one of the local repository.

  3. Activate Continuous Integration and Deployment services for your repository. Contrarily to user repositories, this step is mandatory for organization account's repositories. To do so, type the following commands in your console

    travis_ci init --anaconda-label=develop
    appveyor_ci init --anaconda-label=develop
  1. Populate the repository with relevant files.


    Until now, the repository structure has not been clearly set. More information can be gathered in the :ref:`section-developer-FAQ` section. A package is yet under consideration to propose command lines to simplify the process (e.g., layout init).

  2. Retrieve the latest code from the repository located on the organization account and push your modifications to the repository located on the organization account.


For more information concerning naming conventions and places for files specific to further repository developments, refer to the :ref:`section-developer-FAQ` section.

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