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Install it !


In order to ease the installation of the StatisKit software suite on multiple operating systems, the Conda package and environment management system is used.


For more information refers to the Conda documentation.

To install Conda, please refers to this page. Installers for:

  • Miniconda are available on this page.
  • Anaconda are available on this page.


We recommend to:

  • Follow the instructions given for the regular installation.
  • Install Miniconda if you are only interested by Statiskit.
  • Install Miniconda 3 or Anaconda 3 since the supported version of Statiskit is based on Python 3.

Recommanded Installations

The recommended installations rely on Conda meta-packages. To install the latest Python 3 interface to StatisKit, type the following command line

conda create -n python-statiskit python-statiskit -c statiskit -c defaults --override-channels

Then, to activate the python-statiskit environment, type the following command line

conda activate python-statiskit
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