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Julia versions of the 'golems' in Statistical Rethinking by Richard McElreath.


  1. Julia package with selected functions in the R package `rethinking`. Used in the SR2... projects.

    Julia 336 29

  2. StatisticalRethinking notebook project using Turing and Pluto notebooks (derived from Max Lapan's Jupyter project)

    Julia 75 13

  3. StatististicalRethinking notebook project using Stan and Pluto notebooks.

    Julia 15 5

  4. Implementations of the models from the Statistical Rethinking book with Turing.jl

    Julia 133 15

  5. Initial look at directed acyclic graph (DAG) based causal models in regression.

    Julia 27 5

  6. Comparing performance and results of mcmc options using Julia

    Julia 35 6


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