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Welcome to the RapidStrike wiki!

What is DMN?

DMN is a means of communication in the event that the main infrastructure for communication (Cell/Radio Towers) is down. This is not a replacement for infrastructure it is meant to be a lifeline for emergency use until the main infrastructure is repaired. During natural disasters or emergencies, cell/radio towers can be either damaged or lose power leaving many people in the dark during the initial response. Repairing this infrastructure can take anywhere from days to weeks, this product would be able vital information to those affect much earlier than established means. The first 72 hours after a disaster are critical, a grab-and-go solution should exist to support first responders as soon as possible.

Experience Narrative

  • First responders arrive on the scene with our devices. Each person will receive a wearable and 1-3 drones will be deployed to a high point depending on the size of the area.
  • The users will connect to the wearables via Bluetooth/wireless for communication.
  • The wearables will be nodes in the mesh network and data will be transferred between each other.
  • When the responders leave for the day, they will fly the drone back to them if possible.
  • At base camp, the responders will recharge their devices for the next day.