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Backups for the GoMix adaptation of the Intake project
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StayWoke intake application

The goal: to capture the contact information for as many people who are attending a protest as possible, for the purpose of getting them to be more connected and involved in future actions.


In the middle of porting from Inspired by, which we should refer to in the future for adding social auth.

Todo before this integration is done

  • Put it on a real subdomain

Getting started

  • cp .env.example .env
  • Open .env in your editor. You may need to fill in some values for your dev. See comments in that file.
  • npm install
  • npm run build
  • npm start
  • open http://localhost:3030

Updating the build

If you’re making changes to styles.less, you can use npm run build:watch in a new shell and it will rebuild on every save.

Running tests

  • npm test
  • npm run test:watch to run continuously

To test SMS

1. Set up ngrok

ngrok is software that allows you to expose your local dev server to the world using a dynamic domain name, e.g.

  • Sign up for ngrok.
  • Install ngrok. If you use homebrew on a Mac, you can do brew cask install ngrok.
  • Install your ngrok authtoken. The command for this can be found on your ngrok dashboard.
  • In a new shell, start ngrok with ngrok http 3030. (Make sure your express server is already running.)
  • Copy your ngrok hostname; you'll need it to configure Twilio.

2. Set up Twilio

Twilio is the API server that routes SMS messages to this app.

  • Sign up for a Twilio trial account. You can use this account indefinitely, but you'll only be able to interact with your own phone number.
  • Buy a phone number. I think the lowest price is $1/month. (I think new Twilio users get $1 in free credits, so you won't have to enter payment info right away.)
  • Configure your phone number in Twilio. In the messaging section, set a webhook for when a message comes in, routing to You'll need to reset this with a new URL each time you start ngrok.

3. Send a text

Send an SMS to your new Twilio phone number, from your own phone. You should see the response logged in your express console, and you should get an SMS reply back to your phone.

Read more

See the purpose document to learn about what we're aiming to accomplish.

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