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StdBx is a set of tools and libraries intended to make it easy to create professional looking control and display panels for your electronics DIY projects. Series100 is a design point for an enclosure that looks like this:

Series100 Sampler Enclosure shows a range of possible switches and displays

Series100 Sampler Enclosure

The panels fit into an enclosure that has mounting for the circuit boards and end panels. The enclosure design is provided in .stl format that can be printed on a 3d printer or ordered from a 3d print service company like MakeXYZ or Shapeways.

Series100 Inside

Front Panel Example (early prototype)

Series100 adds a library and a CAM file to the EagleCAD PCB design software. As you design your circuit board the front panel is designed along with it. It is easy to use following these steps.

  1. Design your circuit using Eagle's schematic capture tool. For displays, buttons, switches, encoders, potentiometers and LEDs choose components from the Series100 library. Include the Series100 board definition from the library.
  2. Place the display and control components (along with the other components used in your design) using Eagle's PCB layout tool.
  3. Add any text labels you would like to have on the panel.
  4. Export the panel definition using the CAM file and scripts provided.
  5. Order your panel from a laser cutting service like Pololu using the exported files.

That's it. The board and the panel fits accurately and securely in the enclosure. Together they allow your unique project to look like it just rolled off the manufacturing line.

For a more detailed description and instructions start with the !READ ME FIRST file in the Documentation folder. You can also read more at the SparkFun forum here.

License: All design files are licensed under Creative Commons Universal. You are welcome to modify the designs or even use them in commercial products. We ask that you acknowledge that your design is based on StdBx and hope that if you create any additional components or enclosure designs that you contribute them back to the StdBx libraries.

The StdBx name is copyright (c) 2014 C.Schnarel, all rights reserved. (i.e. don't create stuff and call it StdBx if it isn't part of one of the StdBx repositories.)

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