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Notes for magic-api v1.1-beta

This is a public testing version of 1.1, which will improve the accuracy and consistency of card data. Hopefully, this will begin to make magic-api a reliable choice for mobile and web app developers. Here are some of the problems which are addressed in this version:

Some cards couldn't be found

Cards whose name is part of another card could not be found in previous versions. This is because searching, for example, for "Forest" on Gatherer doesn't return the Forest card page, but a list of matching cards.

There is now an additional parser in magic-api which checks the search results page for an exact match, and then fetches that card (using it's multiverse id). This basically means that you can now get the data for short cards, like basic lands (Forest), or Dispel, which was previously confused with Dispeller's Capsule.

When a search truly matches several cards but with no exact match, a new, more specific error saying "Multiple options" is delivered. See Steed.

Some cards didn't fit in the database

The database can now accomodate a card name of 141 characters, which is (probably) definitely enough for all cards forever. It can hold 500 characters of card text, up from 255, which is hopefully sufficient.

There is an alteration script in the repo for those with an existing db. Run the two statements sequentially to increase the field sizes.

Thanks for using magic-api

May all your queries be swift.