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Demo system of TheSteakProject

This is the demo (client and server configuration) for the 3D Audio voice conferencing system implemented in the STEAK project.


The client is implemented in HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript and connects via WebRTC to the voice conferencing system. It just provides basic functionality as it can register at the conferencing system and join a conference.

The client uses SIP.js for communication with the voice conferencing (based upon Asterisk). In general, it can be used with any SIP.js-compatible conferencing system.

ATTENTION: This software was only tested in Google Chrome/Chromium while using state-of-the-art (standardized but under development) web technologies. As web browser differ in their implementation status as well as their interpretation and acceptance of standards, the client might not work correctly in other web browsers.

Nevertheless, this software does only use standardized technologies. Web browser-specific functionalities (including prefixes) are not used.


The client is preconfigured for the STEAk conferencing demo available at If you want to use your own server, you need to adjust the parameters according to your configuration:


If you want to use different DTMF-codes for interaction while in a conference (e. g., 3D audio: on/off), you need to modify all lines using the function this.session.dtfm() accordingly.


headphones.{wav, opus, mp3} are based upon the ALSA files front_left.wav and front_right.wav.

Server configuration files

In addition, this repository contains all necessary configuration files required to start the demo system. The server will provide allow clients that connect as user 101 with password 101 to join conference rooms. In addition, it will try to connect to a SIP provider enabling incoming calls via PSTN.

This repository also includes required but outdated SSL certifications.

For how to install the server see into the Wiki.

DISCLAIMER: The provided configuration cannot be regarded as secure.
It was just implemented for a demo and not for productive use.
Please be careful if using this online.


The WebRTC-based client for the STEAK conferencing demo.







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