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Stealth (ticker symbol XST) Release

Stealth provides a complete anonymity solution for cryptocurrencies. It combines the network analysis resistance of Tor with the blockchain analysis resistance of stealth send. Stealth has a fair distribution with nearly four hours of low reward blocks, a small premine of 1%, and the long-term energy efficiency of proof-of-stake minting.

This wallet supports the stake=0 option in the StealthCoin.conf file to disable the stake miner thread for pool and exchange operators.

Money supply

  • Algorithm: X13
  • Premine: 1% (232,740 XST)
  • First 10 Blocks: Premine 23,274 XST Each
  • Next 250 Blocks: 16.0 XST each (4 hr low reward for fair launch)
  • Block 261 Award: 8,000 XST
  • Halving every 1440 blocks (about 1 day)
  • Last PoW block: 20,420
  • Total PoW Money: 23,273,860 XST
  • PoS Interest: 20%


  • P2P: 4437
  • Testnet P2P: 4438
  • RPC: 46502
  • Testnet RPC: 46503


  • Daemon Name: StealthCoind
  • Conf File (Case Sensitive): StealthCoin.conf
  • Addresses: Usually start with "S" (netbyte is 62, hex 0x3E)
  • Testnet Addresses: Usually start with "m" (netbyte is 111, hex 0x6F)

Application Directories

  • Windows < Vista: C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Application Data\StealthCoin
  • Windows >= Vista: C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\StealthCoin
  • Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/StealthCoin
  • Unix: ~/.StealthCoin