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A SourceMod plugin that provides advanced and flexible control over map voting and rotation.
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Ultimate Mapchooser

ul·ti·mate /ˈəltəmit/
Noun: The best achievable or imaginable of its kind: "the ultimate in decorative luxury".
Adjective: Being or happening at the end of a process; final: "their ultimate aim was to force his resignation"

Basically, this is the last mapchooser you will ever need.


Ultimate Mapchooser allows for increased control over map selection. This includes:

  • Random selection of the next map.
  • Which maps are added to votes
  • Which maps are available for nominations You can control how the randomization works by dividing your map rotation into groups, and controlling the weights of each group or each individual map, specify a minimum or maximum number of players allowed on the server for the map to be available, specify how many maps from a group are allowed in a vote, etc.

In order for this to work, I had to completely bypass RTV, Mapchooser, and Nominations, which means I rewrote each's functionality into this plugin. You can control each of these features via Ultimate Mapchooser's cvars.


Any and all features can be turned on and off.

Map Exclusion

Maps can have a defined minimum and maximum amount of players, as well as a minimum and maximum time of day they can be played. If the server does not presently fit the criteria defined by the map, then the map will not be selected.

Random Selection of the Next Map

Similar to the functionality built into randomcycle.smx, but random maps are selected at the END of the map, rather than the beginning, and maps are checked for exclusion before being selected (see Map Exclusion).

End of Map Vote

Similar to the functionality built into mapchooser.smx, but you are given more control over how these votes are populated. Maps can be divided up into groups which are then distributed in the vote how you see fit. Want to make sure some maps always appear in the vote? Totally possible.

Rock The Vote

Similar to the functionality built into rockthevote.smx, but has the same customization features as Ultimate Mapchooser's End of Map vote.


Similar to the functionality built into nominations.smx. Map Exclusion does not apply to the nominations menu; nominated maps are checked for exclusion at the time of a vote.

Player Count Checking

If the map being currently played has defined player limits, and the limits are broken by players joining/leaving the server, Ultimate Mapchooser can perform actions to change the map to one that does match the number of players.

Vote Warnings

You can define various times before an end of map vote starts where notifications to the server are displayed, warning them of an impending vote.

Vote Sounds

You can define sounds that are played at the start and end of votes.

Vote Slot Blocking

You have the option to block the first three slots in a vote, in order to prevent accidental votes.

Runoff Votes

If a vote ends and the winning option doesn't have a majority, then another vote will be held between the winners (until there is a majority).

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