A Ruby script to turn images in your current directory into a variety of thumbnail-sized copies.
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A Ruby script to thumbnailify a folder full of images. Only does present working directory. * Not Recursive *

  • Works on .jpg, .jpeg, and .png


  • ImageMagick must be installed on your system to make use of the mogrify command!


  1. Download the script:
    • git clone git@github.com:Steelsouls/thumbnailify.git
  2. Navigate into the thumbnailify directory:
    • cd thumbnailify
  3. Make a symbolic link in your bin directory so you can call it from anywhere!
    • ln -s thumbnailify.rb ~/bin/thumbnailify
    • If preferred, skip this and move/copy the script into your bin instead.


Once you've made a link in your ~/bin, just call thumbnailify from anywhere and it'll make a thumbnails directory. Inside will be copies of all images from your current directory in the default sizes: 256px, 128px, 64px, 32px.

  • Supply a list of numbers to make any size thumbnails you want!
    • thumbnailify 600 300 makes only 600px and 300px thumbnails
  • Aspect ratios are kept.
  • Pixel dimensions are maximums for each side.
  • Only looks in your current directory, doesn't search deeper.