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Release 2.3.0 GA

Anticipated Release Date: August 2019

Complete listing of tickets:

Note: Listed features are subject to change

Features, Enhancements

  • Logging
    • Serilog logging support
  • Management
  • Connectors
    • Added a GemFire/Geode/PCC connector
    • Added ability to apply EF migrations using cf task (Contributed by @macsux)
    • Added additional property support for Microsoft SQL Server Connection strings.
    • Added Apache Geode/GemFire/Pivotal Cloud Cache connector

Notable issues resolved

  • Configuration/48 - Configuration - fixed enabled setting
  • Steeltoe/#33 - Fixed 404 errors when using open source config server
  • Security/18 - Allow customizable claim definitions
  • Steeltoe/34 - Fixed application name in manifest.yml overriding spring:application:name in appsettings.json
  • Steeltoe/40 - Updated Redis library version
  • Steeltoe/33 - Added option to disable vault renewal for OSS config server
  • Steeltoe/30 - Add Search Path option to PostgresSQL connector (Contributed by @jpmorin)
  • Steeltoe/63 - Redis TLS ports are picked as default if specified in creds (Contributed by @jplebre)


  • Steeltoe Repository Restructure
    • Mono repo for Steeltoe core components
    • Move to Azure Devops
      • Move the build pipelines (CI/CD)
      • Move testing coverage
      • Enhance code coverage
  • Create SteeltoeOSS-Incubator org for new projects
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