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Release 3.0.0 GA

Anticipated Release Date: Q4/2019

Note: Listed features are subject to change

Features, Enhancements

  • Enhanced Cloud Native .NET Development Tools
    • Steeltoe CLI
      • Service creation
      • Support deployments to:
        • Docker
        • CloudFoundry
        • Kubernetes
    • Steeltoe Initializr
      • Dynamic Templating
      • Project creation
      • Utilize dotnet new capabilities
  • Streaming Support (Messaging Abstraction)
    • Steeltoe Streams
      • Allow to use RabbitMQ and Kafka
      • Update Hystrix to use Steeltoe Stream
    • Steeltoe Bus
      • Ability to link nodes of a distributed system with a message broker
      • Dependent on Steeltoe Streams project
    • Provide auto-update of configuration properties across microservice applications
      • Dependendent on Steeltoe Streams and Steeltoe Bus implementation
  • Eureka
    • Blue/Green deployments through endpoint
      • Use endpoint to set registered instances to offline
    • Add support for other enhancements/features that have been added to Netflix Eureka and Spring Cloud Eureka
  • Connectors
    • Add Kafka connector
    • Add Gemfire/Geode connector (.NET Framework only) - Completed in 2.3.0
  • Logging
    • Seriallog support - Completed in 2.3.0
  • RSocket.NET
    • Investigation work


  • Steeltoe Repository Restructure
    • Mono repo for Steeltoe core components - Completed in 2.3.0
    • Move to Azure Devops
      • Move the build pipelines (CI/CD) - Completed in 2.3.0
      • Move testing coverage - Completed in 2.3.0
      • Enhance code coverage - Completed in 2.3.0
      • Performance benchmarking
    • Split out platform specific code (CF) that builds off of our core components into own repository
      • This provides better path for other platform providers to build off of Steeltoe core components
  • Create SteeltoeOSS-Incubator org for new projects - Completed in 2.3.0

Optional (if we have time)

  • Circuit Breaker
    • Investigate how we can integrate Polly into our current implementation
  • Add Health contributors
    • Circuit Breaker
  • Connectors
    • New abstraction layer for connectors
  • Metrics Enhancements
    • Instrumentation for Hystrix to add tracing and stats
    • Instrumentation for EFCore to add tracing and stats
    • Instrumentation for Connectors to add tracing and stats
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