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Datamining, Visualization, Machine-Learning, Big data

What is TeeBI ?

A simple class to implement in-memory database complex structures to provide:

  • Ultra fast speed (every column or field is a simple array)

  • Import data from files, databases, objects (ORM) in one or few lines of code

  • Automatic relationships between columns (master-detail), indexes and foreign keys

  • SQL-like high-speed queries and summaries by code or "select" scripts

  • Geographic database (Countries, States, Provinces...) to automatically create summary queries and TeeChart world maps

  • Transparent remote web server fast data access (compressed binary streams)

  • Automatic visualizations of complex structures (charts, grids and more)

  • Interactive Dashboards rendered to screen (desktop and mobile) and HTML Web pages

  • Data export (csv,pdf,html,xml,excel,json), comparisons and manipulations

  • Machine-learning and statistics (native data pass to R Language and Python Scikit)

  • Big-data ready, billions of cells supported

  • Multi-platform (Windows, Mac OSX, Android, iOS, Linux and more)

  • Supported development environments:

    • Embarcadero RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo, and from Studio XE4 and up (Delphi and C++)
    • Lazarus / FreePascal

Getting started