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Steemhunt Posting Guidelines

Steemhunt is a ranking community where product enthusiasts (a.k.a. hunters) share/upvote cool new products, discuss them with their deep knowledge, and get rewards for their contributions.

To maintain a fair/healthy community, we run moderators who review all hunting posts. Please follow these guidelines when making a post. If your post fails to follow these guidelines, it may be excluded from the ranking by the moderators.

1. Language - English Only

Steemhunt runs a single ranking board globally, so please post and comment in English. Also, the product website should be written in English. If the website offers multiple languages, please use the English page for Steemhunt.

2. Types of Products to Post

Steemhunt generally covers unique IT or hardware products, including:

2-1. Web services
2-2. Mobile apps
2-3. API, IT solutions, bots, open sources or other types of software
2-4. Tech gadgets, hardware, IoT/connected/wearable devices
2-5. Games
2-6. Innovative Engineering/Design Products (It may cover non-tech products that have been invented based on high-level engineering/design approach to solve a major problem)

If you are posting any conceptual product, it must be past the planning stage. It should have an official physical prototype announced.

3. Product Link

We only accept these four product links (Your post will be delisted if you include other websites than those listed below):

3-1. Official product website (Should be the product's website, not the general page)
3-2. Major app store link (AppStore, PlayStore, etc)
3-3. Crowdfunding sites (Kickstarter, Indiegogo, etc) - The funding should be active status or fully pledged. The project that has failed to be pledged won't be accepted.
3-4. Github, Bitbucket repositories for open source projects

Also, the product link MUST be activated properly. If the link is broken or does not work properly, your hunt will be delisted.

4. Plagiarism and Copyright

Write a short description and hunter’s comment with your own words. Do not copy and paste from the product’s website or other sites. You can however quote some content from a site, but you must use quotation marks and cite the source properly.

5. Quality of the Post

Steemhunt is a “product hunting” site, not a writing curation site. We have a certain format that all hunters should follow when posting a product in order to make a fair/effective ranking chart. Please follow the directions below:

5-1. The field “name of product” should ONLY contain the official name of the product. Please do not include special characters such as trademark or copyright symbols in that field.
5-2. The screenshot images should ONLY be of the product itself. Please do not share descriptive images from any sites other than that of the product (e.g. App Store download page).
5-3. Do not duplicate the product name or use any non-product-specific words in the field “short description.”
5-4. Do not attach non-related screenshot images or videos.
5-5. Do not use low quality product images.
5-6. Do not share any scams, highly suspicious cryptocurrency/fin-tech, illegal products, or any type of weaponry.
5-7. Do not share porn or anything under the #nsfw category.

6. No Duplication Allowed

Steemhunt does not allow the same product to be posted twice. The website automatically checks the URL, but it is still your responsibility to check that the product has not been posted previously. If your product has already been featured from the same brand/maker, the duplication is allowed only when the product is a newer model (V2) or has been majorly updated from the original one.

7. Games

There are countless games worldwide, and many of them have narrow target customers. If we accept all new games in Steemhunt, our ranking board may be dominated by games. So, Steemhunt will ONLY accept games that have their own website. Please note if you use any app store or game platform (e.g. Steam) URL on the game product link, your hunt will be delisted.

We don't accept games that have not been launched unless 1) the game has announced an actual demo or gameplay and 2) people can purchase it as a pre-order.


All hunts posted on are verified by Steemhunt moderators first. Once our moderators check that your hunt meets all the criteria in the posting guidelines, your hunt will be approved and considered for the ranking competition and @steemhunt's upvote based on your hunter level.

Your post will be hidden by the moderators if it does not meet the posting guidelines, in which case your hunt will be delisted from the ranking board. Due to time constraints, posts may not be processed before the cutoff time. In this case, your post will automatically roll over to the next day's competition and will be verified that day. Also, the moderator may ask you to edit/change some of the content. If you don't respond within 24 hours, your post will be hidden permanently.


Steemhunt is running a blacklist to maintain a fair community platform. If you commit any of the following actions, you will be blacklisted.

  1. Leave comments multiple times with irrelevant content to receive Steemhunt's upvotes.
  2. Constantly plagiarise your content.
  3. Operate alt accounts to abuse any of the Steemhunt voting pool, ranking chart, or airdrop tokens.

Even if you are blacklisted, you can still use our platform (posting, upvoting, and commenting), however, you won't be able to get upvoted nor received airdrops by Steemhunt. We announce the blacklist via #blacklist channel in our Discord Group You can also appeal via #blacklist-appeal channel if you think you did not commit any of the actions above.

Please note that our moderators are human, so they may make mistakes/errors during the moderation process. If you have query, please join our Discord Group and request to re-review in the #moderation-errors channel. These posting guidelines were updated on November 2, 2018.

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