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Inspired by Ink and other several other party games as well as the classic game of rock-paper-scissors. We set out to make a more fun and engaging version of RPS!

How to play

The goal of the game is to eliminate your opponents by running into them in the corresponding form. There are three forms, Rock, Paper and Scissor and they matchup exactly like the Rock Paper Scissor Game. There are also dsifferent powerups that will spawn with different effects !


Player 1: moves using A and D, jumps with W, dashes with F and switches forms back and forth using Q and E. Player 2: moves using H and K, jumps with U, dashes with L and switches forms back and forth using Y and I.

Player 3 and 4 have to use controllers (we will use the classic 360 controller for the examples) They move using the Left Stick, jump with A, dash with X and switch forms back and forth using LB and RB.


This project is for windows only !

Running guide

Simply run the executable.

Built with

Based on

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