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A Kotlin Multiplatform template

This Kotlin Multiplatform can be used as a template to get started with MPP in your project.

This is basically the implementation part of my Medium posts:


This Multiplatform project has two targets: JVM and iOS. To be concrete is has two iOS targets so that the generated Framework can be build on a simulator and on a real iOS device, a macos64 target to test the native implementation and a JVM target.

The produced artifacts (the JAR and the Framework) are intended to be published to a repository. Therefore it exist a Gradle Plugin (actually three) inside the buildSrc/ which takes care of it.

The setup of the build.gradle.kts is pretty minimal. As said above it defines only two targets with the "default" dependencies for building and testing the project.

Explore this project

You can checkout this repository and check how it feels for you. There are some Gradle tasks which are probably important for you:

  • releaseFatFramework
  • publishToArtifactory
  • jvmTest
  • macosX64Test

The publishToArtifactory task will "publish" the FatFramework and the JAR file to a fake Artifactory which is available at build/artifactory afterwards.

Plans on this template

State today I'm not sure if and how I could improve this project while keeping the minimal implementations details for setting up a Kotlin Multiplatform project.

Also because this project is somehow "connected" to my Blog post.

But anyway lets see what the future brings 😉.

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