It is the first android app in China for XiaoYi Sports Camera.
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#Ponerine is a subfamily of ants in the Poneromorph subfamilies group, with about 1,600 species in 47 extant genera, including Dinoponera gigantea - one of the world's largest species of ant. They are most easily identified from other subfamilies by a constricted gaster (abdomen). They are rare examples of stinging ants. This repository is abort XiaoYi Sports Camera, and in Chinese XiaoYi means little tiny ant. And the main language used here should be Python, starts with P letter. That's why I named this as Ponerine, is it cool?

#猛蚁(Ponerine) 首先由Jerdon在1851年描述,他描述的种是Harpegnathos Saltalor,他指出,这种蚂蚁有四分之三英寸长,在受到惊吓或打扰时会跳跃逃走。 这个项目是小蚁运动相机相关的,而且主要程序是用Python进行编写的,首字母为P。 所以,这个项目就命名为猛蚁(Ponerine)了,名字是不是有点太酷了?