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A dashboard for Octoprint
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A dashboard tab for Octoprint that displays the most relevant info regarding the state of the printer and any on-going print jobs.



  • Adds a new tab first in the list and becomes the default tab when opening OctoPrint
  • Widgets for current:
    • RPi iost CPU Load, CPU Temp, Mem Utilization, Storage Utilization.
    • Printer profile, Connection status, Printer Status
    • Hotend temp(s), Bed Temp, Chamber Temp, Fan speed
    • Printed file, Progress
    • Estimated total time, ETA, Time left, Time since print started
    • Current layer, Total layers
    • Current height, Total height
    • Average layer time
    • WebCam view
  • Supports multiple hotends as configured in the printer profile
  • Supports chamber temperature if configured in the printer profile
  • Configurable progress gauge type (Circle, Bar)
  • Fullscreen mode
  • Uses Estimates from PrintTimeGenius when installed
  • Uses GCode analysis provided by DisplayLayerProgress to get more accurate layer and fan data
  • Theme friendly:


What's new?

For release notes and release history, please visit the wiki.

Known limitations

  • Translations to other languages are not supported yet.
  • The CPU-temp will likely only work on a Raspberry Pi.
  • Disk Usage will likely only work on Linux deratives.
  • Testing limited to desktop browsers: Safari, Chrome and Firefox


This plugin depends on DisplayLayerProgress to be installed in order to provide all metrics. DisplayLayerProgress provides GCode analysis for the Dashboard. Only the events from DisplayLayerProgress are used by the Dashboard plugin so you may disable "Navigationbar" and "Printer Display" in the DisplayLayerProgress plugin settings if you want to see them in the UI.

The dashboard uses the time estimates provided by PrintTimeGenius if it is installed but it is not required.



Install via the bundled Plugin Manager or manually using this URL:


  • Two progress gauge types can be configured in the plugin settings: Bar & Circle (default). The Bar gauge can be useful if you have multiple hotends or a heated chamber.
  • For more configuration help, please visit the wiki.

For users of Themeify:

"fas fa-tachometer-alt" is a suitable icon for Custom Tab-icons

For custom styles:

Selector CSS-Rule
.dashboardLarge color
.dashboardSmall color
.dashboardGauge stroke
svg text fill


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