Makes life easier for a Scala developers in jEdit.
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#ScalaSidekick Plugin for Jedit

The goal of this plugin is to make Scala programmers more efficient.

Look at the downloads page to see latest release version download

##Current State

  • Alpha, works with an SBT project, so far only used in single project environment

##Implemented so far:


  • Reformat scala file using Scalariform and defaults
  • Organize Imports
  • Rename

###Code assist

  • Code completion
  • Get Type info
  • Find definition
  • Error highlighting at file and project level


  • Exact navigation (Enter name on class,object or trait). Should be improved to look more like the plugin OpenIt.
  • Scala REPL

##Current work

  • Using a customized Ensime Server as backend, a lot of stuff can be reused. If it is a success a lot of the planned features will be included in this implementation
  • Currently Im have stopped my feature implementation and trying to stabilize the current features.

##Known problems (Should be moved to issues)

  • Problems with autocompletion of imports...
  • Index should be optimized


  • Comments
    • Scaladoc for definition on line
    • Insert new Scaladoc comment line
  • More refactoring using Scala Refactoring framework
    • Inline local
    • Extract Local
    • Extract method

##Nice to have (wont happen anytime soon)

  • User controlled settings for reformat
  • Integrate and optimize my SIndex plugin
  • Nice GUI configuration
  • Nicer Menu

How to use it

Here is the guide, and a link to a screencast (Guide)[]