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= Micro Framework
Micro framework is a tiny framework for developing PHP applications. It follows the Push Model-View-Controller pattern. I use this framework in many projects. The documentation is still very limited.
To set up a project using micro-framework you have to make a directory which contains the framework and several files and directories. is an example of this structure.
== Getting started
* mkdir [project] and setup micro-framework directories and files
* OR download and rename it's folder to [project]
* cp -R [micro-framework-dir]/* [project]/framework
* OR ln -s [micro-framework-dir] [project]/framework
* use [project]/config.php to configure url paths and database access.
* make [project]/info.log writable from php.
* configure access with [project]/.htaccess and [project]/public/.htaccess
On windows: I have no idea [please help]
== Routing
All requests must be made to [project]/index.php. They are routed to a controller in [project]/controllers based on their url. For example, a request to [project]/index.php/static/index results in a call to the index method of a StaticController instance. A controller can use models in [project]/models to access a database. It can render a view from [project]/views/[controllername]/.
== Controllers
Controllers manage the sites functionality. They can access the database and/or render a view. see [micro-framework-dir]/controller.php for more information.
== Views
Views are simple php files that render the output to the browser. See [micro-framework-dir]/controller.php for more information.
=== Layout
When rendering a view, you can specify a layout file. These files are located in [project]/views/layout. When no layout is specified, [project]/views/layout/layout.php is used
=== HTML Helpers for Forms, Tables and other stuff
== Models
Models can be accessed in controller methods to query and manipulate the database. See /framework/model.php for more information.
== Plugins
Plugins contain additional controllers, models and views, as well as additional random functionality in the lib directory.
== Autoloading
All classes in the lib, models, controllers and framework directories are automatically loaded as needed. A class named HelloWorld must be in a file called hello_world.php otherwise it will not be found.
== Log file
== Exception handling
== Controller callbacks
== Model callbacks
== Deploying
before deploying an application built with this framework, you must do the following:
* make sure .htaccess is configured to deny clients direct access to anything accept index.php
* remove test and scripts directories
Then it's simply a matter of copying the project folder's contents to a deployment location
Copyright (c) 2009 Stefan Henzen, released under the MIT license