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eclipse plugin for redline-smalltalk
Latest commit 85da934 Dec 19, 2011 @StefanKrecher Prepared redline-launch-configuration
Signed-off-by: Stefan Krecher <>


Redline Smalltalk is a Smalltalk for the Java Virtual Machine, because nothing is as
productive as Smalltalk, and the App has to run on the Java Virtual Machine.

The eclipse-redline-plugin aims to support
- Java-Developers who need to work in an eclipse-environment but who want to step into new horizons by using the power of Smalltalk
- Smalltalk-Developers who are familiar with Smalltalk-Environments but who need to dive into the Java-World
- Developers who want use the best of both worlds and who want to bring the fun back to programming! 

Redline Smalltalk is Copyright (c) James C. Ladd and released under the MIT License.

eclipse-redline-plugin is Copyright (c) Stefan Krecher and released under the MIT License.
See the LICENSE file for more information.

For the latest information please see:



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