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Torque3D Awesomium Addon Pack


This pack lets you embed HTML5/Flash in your applications and games. You can integrate it via JavaScript to interact with elements in the game. Click here to see a video of the pack in action.

  • Powerful bridge between JavaScript and TorqueScript. This way you can communicate between HTML5/Flash and your game! Useful for interactive GUI screens ingame.
  • Levarage existing tools like Adobe Dreamweaver to create content for your games.
  • Shapes are load-balanced by distance and focus.
  • Layer complex GUIs by using multiple transparent objects that can take focus from other such objects, or remain in place. All customizable.
  • Caches textures from Awesomium for usage when the webpage is loading which makes for a smooth experience.
  • Option to use static texture caches for any number of Awesomium Shapes, which is useful when you want lower-overhead Shapes with textures generated from HTML5/Flash.

You can download the source by clicking on the "Download ZIP" button on your top right, or by forking and cloning this repository. It contains a Developers Guide with integration instructions which you need to follow to be able to integrate the pack into your project.

Demonstration project

Click here to download the demonstration project. It contains sample scripts which show some of the different features the pack has to offer.


The source code is licensed under the MIT license.


I welcome any contributions to the pack trough pull requests.


This addon pack lets you embed HTML5/Flash content in your Torque3D projects.




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