Support Library for the ATARI Portfolio, written in and for Desmet C
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This Library has been compiled with Desmet C 3.1N, but should compile as well on Desmet C 2.51

It can be used to compile Programs on and for the ATARI Portfolio.

Building the Library fails on the Portfolio, but binding it into Programs works.

Its Functions support many of the INT61h Extended BIOS functions of the Portfolio, a number of BIOS and Hardware Video Functions, DOS File search Functions, BIOS Calls to get Hardware info, BIOS Calls to get Date, Time and Ticker, and some small Helper Functions. 

Maybe it is usefull for someone ...

The integrated MAKE.BAT assumes that you have Desmet C in your path. 
Desmet C can be found here :
If your Setup is correct, then you can just type "make lib" to build
the library. 
If you also have the O88 optimizer installed and in your 
path, you can use "make olib" to run the optimizer over each file, making 
the lib about 5% smaller. 
Then you can run "make test" to build a "Test.exe" that uses some of the routines in the Library.

To integrate new functions to the build process, i have created ADD.BAT
Just place <function>.c and <function>.h in the base directory, then call "ADD <function>".
This will add the needed lines to the batch files and add the function to the .LST file and to LIBPOFO.H

I found out that either the gets() or the fputs() routine in the stdio.s of Desmet 2.51 crash the Portfolio. It works well with Desmet 3.1 however. Too sad that i don't have the sources for the 2.51 librarys. I will try to find a workaround for this. I really want the 2.51 version to work, because the 3.1 needs too much RAM to compile usefull programs on the 128k-Portfolio. It shouldwork with more RAM though.

Klaus Peichl for his Assembler PutPixel-Routine

Happy Hacking!