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This is a list of people who has contributed to PyUSB 1.0 development.
If I forgot you, please email me.
PyUSB 1.0.0 (alpha 3)
- Robert von Burg: for the bug reports about Python versions compatibility and
kernel driver functions.
- James Rowe: for patches to the tutorial file.
- Braiden Kindt: for the patch fixing bug when less than o number of requested
bytes are read.
- Tormod Volden: for his several patches for legacy module.
PyUSB 1.0.0 (alpha 2)
- Chris Clark: for the bug report in the log subsystem.
- Emmanuel Blot: for the patch which improves performance when debug is disabled.
- Peter Bigot: for the patch that fixes get_active_configuration seg fault,
the patch to add error code to USBError and the patch to fix
parameter order in the USBError.
- Travis Robinson and Xiaofan Chen: for let me use their benchmark firmware.
- Poul-Henning Kamp: for the suggestion of ``bus`` and ``address`` attributes.
PyUSB 1.0.0 (alpha 1)
- Xiaofan Chen: for support in mailing list.
- Poul-Henning Kam: for the documentation patches.
PyUSB 1.0.0 (alpha 0)
- Thomas Reitmayr: thanks for your patches to get PyUSB running with libusb 1.0.
- Carl Ritson: thanks for your patch to get minimal working of legacy layer.
- Romain Aviolat: thanks for pointing out a mistake in the tutorial and to report a bug in ctrl_transfer.
- Xiaofan Chen: thanks for your effort testing PyUSB with libusb 1.0 Windows backend and on FreeBSD.
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