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A customizable Telegram shop bot
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A customizable Telegram shop bot, developed as a project for the final exam.


  • Python 3.6 (or higher)
  • The packages specified in requirements.txt (install with pip install -r requirements.txt)
  • An Internet connection
  • A Telegram bot token (obtainable at @Botfather)
  • A payment provider token (obtainable by connecting a provider with your bot)
  • Optional: a token


  1. Download the project files through git clone or this link.
  2. Install the project requirements with pip install -r requirements.txt
  3. Run python -OO to generate the configuration file.
  4. Open the config folder and edit the config.ini file following the contained instructions.
    Ensure the is_template field is set to no.
  5. Run python -OO to generate the database tables.
  6. Optional: customize the file
  7. Run python -OO again to run the bot.
  8. Open Telegram, and send a /start command to your bot to be promoted to administrator.


All the bot features are available through Telegram.
As the administrator, you can add new products, check the placed orders, create new transactions and generate .csv log files.
Users will be able to add credit to their wallet, place orders and contact you in case they require assistance.

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