🍴 A tasty toolset for Vue.js πŸ›  - Lightweight, functional components to boost your next project.
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🍴 A tasty toolset for Vue.js πŸ› 

Vuetensils is a collection of Vue components desined to be light weight, accessible, and extensible. It is not a full blown UI library. Instead, it is designed to jump start a project with some of the most common UI solutions, but does not bring with it any opinionated styles. Bring your own styles, and let Vuetensils handle things like a modal popup that is accessible, traps user tab focus, and closes when the escape key is pressed. View on GitHub or NPM.

Benchmarks - How much does a UI library add to the final bundle size?

  • No library: +0kb πŸ†•
  • Vuetify: +697.7kb 😱
  • Bootstrap-Vue: +365.7kb 😳
  • Bootstrap: +163.7kb 😞
  • Vuetensils: +16.7kb πŸ‘Œ

But size is not the whole story. The Libraries above provide a LOT more features, and if you are going to need all of them, they are excellent options. However, if you don't use all the features, there is a lot of unnecessary bloat. With Vuetensils, you get a tiny collection of functional components, to handle some of the more challenging things, and you add your own presentational components on top.

Getting Started


npm install vuetensils

Import into your Vue project:

// main.js
import Vue from 'vue'
import vuetensils from 'vuetensils'
import 'vuetensils/dist/vuetensils.min.css'


Alternatively, import just the components you need:

// main.js
import Vue from 'vue'
import { VtsModal } from 'vuetensils'


Use the components:

// Example.vue
    <vts-modal v-model="show">
      My modal content
export default {
  data: () => ({
    show: true


  • <vts-drawer> - A sidebar that can be toggled on or off.
  • <vts-dropdown> - Show/hide inline content.
  • <vts-fetch> - Makes JSON API requests and provides responses, loading states, and errors.
  • <vts-intersection> - Adds IntersectionObserver to content and provides event callbacks.
  • <vts-loading> - SVG loading icons.
  • <vts-modal> - A modal dialogue.