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Robust and comfortable dev stack for isomorphic web apps

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Robust and comfortable dev stack for isomorphic (browser + Node.js) web apps.





  • React server-side rendering.
  • Isomorphic routing (in progress).
  • MVC meta framework (in progress).


Java 1.7 and Node.js are required.

  npm install -g gulp
  npm install -g bower

Getting Started

Create Este App

  git clone este-app
  cd este-app
  npm install
  bower install

Start Development

  • run gulp
  • point your browser to localhost:8000
  • build something beautiful


Start development. Build app and run development stack.


Production mode. Styles are minified and scripts are compiled.

gulp --production or gulp -p

Only build. Useful for continuous integration.

gulp build or gulp build --production

Run development stack. Useful to skip building phase.

gulp run or gulp run --production

Debug makes compiled scripts readable.

gulp build --production=debug

Recommended Editor:

Editor settings.

Stay Tuned


Copyright (c) 2013 Daniel Steigerwald

Licensed under the MIT license.

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