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The most complete React/Flux dev stack and starter kit for isomorphic functional web apps
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Este - robust, modular, comfortable Build Status

Este is robust, modular and comfortable dev stack for web apps development with several unique features.

  • statically compiled CoffeeScript
  • Google Closure Library
  • Mocha tests
  • Stylus styles
  • Soy templates
  • Este library
    • MVC framework
    • quite a lot useful classes
  • Express app boilerplate
  • powerfull localization
  • a lot of tasks for Grunt, file watching included
  • settings and snippets for Sublime Text


  git clone
  cd este
  npm install
  bower install

Don't forget to install npm install grunt-cli -g.

For Windows Users

Getting Started

  • run grunt, or grunt --stage
  • point your browser to localhost:8000
  • build something beautiful


Start development.

grunt run:app or just grunt

Build project for continuous integration. No file watchers nor server.

grunt build:app

Start development in stage mode, code is compiled with Closure Compiler.

grunt run:app --stage

Debug makes compiled code readable.

grunt run:app --stage=debug

Default task is alias for run:app.

grunt or grunt --stage or grunt --stage=debug

No color means no friendly beeps too.

grunt --no-color

Extract messages.

grunt esteExtractMessages

Compile with localized messages.

grunt esteBuilder:appLocalized

If you have Java 1.7+, enable fastCompilation option in It's huge speed improvement for Google Closure Compiler. From 13s to 3s in my case for example.

Recommended Editor: Sublime Text

Must-have Packages

Recommended Packages

My Sublime Text settings and snippets. Code snippets cheat sheet.

Stay Tuned


  • learn npm link and bower link


Copyright (c) 2013 Daniel Steigerwald

Licensed under the MIT license.

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