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Release notes

The major changes of this version:

  • Improvements and fixes for AstroCalc tool and plugins
  • Added support Abell Catalog of Planetary Nebulae and ESO/Uppsala Survey of the ESO(B) Atlas
  • Added few new scripts
  • Updated code and data

Packages notes

package note
stellarium-0.18.2.tar.gz Stellarium 0.18.2 for UNIX/Linux (source code).
MD5: 6743fd296ea67c92c3f8c679573113c0
SHA1: 6ded20298f69e6216ca75c54daefee581a2fff97
stellarium-0.18.2-win32.exe Stellarium 0.18.2 for Windows (32-bit; Windows 7+) based on Qt 5.9.5 (Visual Studio 2015 Community) with media support.
MD5: 89b60ddbadae2b6b86b6fa5f839ea748
SHA1: 3bbe8312d76bfcfc7ae555781f45e61f7c807c0d
stellarium-0.18.2-classic-win32.exe Stellarium 0.18.2 for Windows (32-bit; Windows XP+) based on Qt 5.6.3 (MinGW GCC 4.9.2; OpenGL) with media support and without Spout2 sender and Telescope Control support.
MD5: 52e78c3c958d881b5878e3e8e3da7e1e
SHA1: 6c3879920b6bc1ea00cb31cbf21ae8faad8626a6
stellarium-0.18.2-win64.exe Stellarium 0.18.2 for Windows (64-bit; Windows 7+) based on Qt 5.9.5 (Visual Studio 2015 Community) with media support.
MD5: cbb379583931b529c8302816e61f761a
SHA1: 8e67463f4ffc169fd82b918a362d85552c7fa155
Stellarium-0.18.2.dmg Stellarium 0.18.2 for Mac OS X (64-bit; Mac OS X 10.10+) based on Qt 5.6.3 (AppleClang 9.0.0) with media support and without digital signature.
MD5: 8699ddd0fb241b3c17ea49134b1b1328
SHA1: b7d33057dd8f2d4fb0aa2683e1a192f56ee929ab
Stellarium-0.18.2-x86_64.AppImage Stellarium 0.18.2 for Linux (64-bit; eglibc 2.19) based on Qt 5.6.3 (GCC 4.8.4) with media support.
MD5: 5d2b0bbec1b8d56b7e7d54b1d6935413
SHA1: 3a1ac0b84683b6602a66be74cd1c27712d5d5d99


Full list of changes:

  • Added GUI improvements for AstroCalc tool
  • Added elongation support for AstroCalc/Phenomena tool
  • Added support decimal degrees format for AstroCalc tool
  • Added handle keypressing for list of matching objects in AstroCalc/WUT tool
  • Added filters for enlisted objects in Search Tool/Lists tool
  • Added filters for list of matching objects in AstroCalc/WUT tool
  • Added new textures for moons
  • Added column with angular distance from the Moon into AstroCalc/Phenomena tool
  • Added special case for partial solar eclipses in AstroCalc/Phenomena tool
  • Added centering text for headers in AstroCalc/Phenomena, AstroCalc/Ephemeris and AstroCalc/Positions tools
  • Added "clear" button for search of artificial satellites in the selected group (Satellites plugin)
  • Added additional context for term 'Transit' (GH: #215)
  • Added artwork for some Maori constellations
  • Added support Abell Catalog of Planetary Nebulae (Abell, 1966)
  • Added distances for some planetary nebulae (DSO)
  • Added possibility to select all constellations through scripts and hotkeys
  • Added new language (Urdu)
  • Added additional level of checks for JSON documents
  • Added Lokono sky culture
  • Added support to add/subtract calendric month through hotkeys (GH: #232)
  • Added support 'ESO/Uppsala Survey of the ESO(B) Atlas'
  • Added processing the 30x HTTP codes for Quasars, Pulsars, Historical Supernovae, Bright Novae, Meteor Showers and Exoplanets plugins (GH: #236, #231, #229, #227, #226, #225, #224, #223)
  • Added visual magnitudes and sizes for Abell planetary nebulae
  • Added support Milkyway saturation effect (GH: #175, #242)
  • Added Henriksson solution (2017) for Schoch formula for DeltaT (1931)
  • Added actions (without default hotkeys) to toggle Moon and Minor body scaling
  • Added script "Jupiter and triple shadow phenomena"
  • Added script "Jupiter without Galilean satellites"
  • Added script "Occultations of bright stars by planets"
  • Added script "Mutual occultations of planets"
  • Fixed sorting rules for AstroCalc/Phenomena tool
  • Fixed Moon HiPS rendering during eclipse
  • Fixed URL of API for "Location from network" feature (GH: #218)
  • Fixed some errors in DSO catalog
  • Fixed crash in the combination: constellation is selected and sky culture has been changed
  • Fixed Earth shadow on scaled Moon during eclipse
  • Fixed auto-enabling landscapes when setObserverLocation is call (LP: #1783752)
  • Fixed position of Jupiter moons: updated theory to L1.2 (GH: #222)
  • Fixed cross-index data issue (DSO)
  • Fixed the term for altitude above sea level (GH: #247)
  • Fixed desync bug with IAU Constellation and constellation borders (GH: #246)
  • Fixed reserved identifier violation issue (GH: #243)
  • Fixed trouble with selection priority of nomenclature items for celestial bodies in deep shadow (GH: #239)
  • Fixed parsing error in constellation IAU borders lookup (GH: #241)
  • Fixed compiler warnings when GPS support is disabled (GH: #240)
  • Fixed potential crash for Meteor showers plugin
  • Fixed crash (segmentation fault) for sporadic meteors with max ZHR
  • [SUG] Fixed bibtex link
  • [SUG] Fixed links for HCG data (GH: #212)
  • Updated scripts
  • Updated behaviour of deselectConstellations() method (LP: #1780951)
  • Updated Epimetheus texture
  • Updated behaviour of "clear" button for Search and AstroCalc/WUT tools
  • Updated list of locations
  • Updated list of DSO names
  • Updated behaviour of Oculars button on bottom toolbar: hidden by default
  • Updated default bookmarks of Solar System Editor plugin (GH: #180)
  • Updated script 'Partial Lunar Eclipse'
  • Updated default host for GeoIP service
  • Updated the appdata file (GH: #234)
  • Updated behaviour of Location dialog: allowed to use resort GPS location at next startup and disable IP query when GPS is used
  • Removed support of terrible Qt plural forms