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Welcome to the Stellarium wiki, a knowledge website about Stellarium, the free planetarium for your computer. The wiki allows Stellarium users to collectively build the knowledge base about Stellarium, so if you have something to add, please edit the page.

Work In Progress

The stellarium wiki is in migration from our old mediawiki server to this new github wiki. Please help us migrate content here, but keep in mind that most of the old content needs to be updated before migrating.

Getting started

TODO: this is already part of the User Guide, need to add proper links once we have an HTML version

  • Installation
  • Quickstart guide
  • User Guide
  • FAQ




developers mailing list

Follow what's going on by reading our developers mailing list

Help us


We are using Transifex:

There you can

  • Translate Stellarium in your language
  • Translate the homepage in your language

Summer of Code

  • ESA Summer of Code in Space 2019?

Specific things you can do

  • Tips for editing the wiki

Advanced topics

Stellarium in Planetariums

telescope control

research and education

Extensions & Extras files

TODO: please remove obsolete stuff. It should be enough to say for the last version only how to install the files, and list the available files with URL where to download them

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