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  • toolkit for Pascal DOS apps (16bit real or protected mode, 386+)
  • covers both low layers (memory, keyboard, mouse, graphics/text, scrolling..)
  • and a bit higher ones (loaders/players, fileselector and other dialogs...)
  • it does not touch audio (use for audio)
  • for examples, see pr_*.pas
  • for build instructions, see
  • for an example of CiA based app, see

Units overview

Baby graphics for babies (can't be easier)
Cache cache for objects
CS codepage conversion
Chyby error management
DPMI DPMI services
Fajly disks, files, PCK
Flc* decoder/player FLI/FLC
FnExpand font editor support
Fonty bitmap fonts (format FN)
INI config files (format INI)
Key keyboard handler
Lang1 1 language built in
Lang2 2 languages built in
LangFile any number of languages in files
Ld* loaders of GIF/PCX/X/TGA/TXT
Loadery loading images (easily extensible)
Memo memory management (universal for real+protected, blocks over 64KB)
Mys mouse management
Num numeric conversions
Scrol scrolling engine from Deus ex Machina, any mode/any bitmap size
Streamy stream helpers
Stringy string management
Sys system helpers (partial crt replacement, accurate time)
Texty long text management
Timer ray synchronization
Tools various helpers
VGA vga, vesa, bitmaps (universal for all modes, avoids VGA/VESA bugs)

More detailed desriptions are inside units.

OTHER FILE DESCRIPTION double include for vga.pas global $define for all units
fn.pas separated font converter fn.exe interface GUI implementation GUI standard init/done include for all units text file with Czech localization
lang.eng text file with English localization identifiers of localized texts array of localized texts
lang1inc.* generates
modern.fn some proportional font
moder_np.fn some non-proportional font
pr*.* examples double include for scrol.pas dialogs fileselector and pathbrowser
dpmi.,timer. subset of Midas necessary when full Midas is not used
midasfix*.* bugfixes to apply when full Midas is used

Unit dependencies

         timer               lang1/2
        /                   /
        \  (/)      /  \    \                     \
   dpmi--memo==stringy--mys--VGA---loadery--ldtga  \
           \     \  \         \           \         \
            \     \  cache-----fonty-------ldtxt     >-langfile,ini
             \     \            \         /         /
   streamy    \     cs,num       dialogy /         /
               \                /       /         /

  --- right one needs the left one
  (/) only in protected                     timer+ini+fonty--scrol--tools
  === both directions



  • Comments are not yet compiled into *.TPH help, so you can find main unit comment at the beginning of unit, variables are commented around their declaration, functions are commented around their implementation.
  • If there is code after the last "end", it could be candidates for inclusion into CiA, but it needs more testing.
  • Units after "uses" go in following order: Chyby, Memo, standard Borland units, other units.
  • Member procedures are 'Procedure', non-object ones are usually 'PROCEDURE'.
  • English is used for all new developments, amount of Czech can only decrease.
  • When procedure says 'Does not change registers', it's not 100%. AX changes if you enable stack checking and procedure uses stack (stack is used for parameters, local variables and for member procedures).
  • Comment {* marks place with unfinished work.
  • When speed is important, code is optimized for speed, otherwise for simplicity.
  • All Czech characters (in messages, fonts) use "Kamenickych" encoding

Commandline arguments

Each unit can read its own parameters from commandline. Those considered 'own' are processed and marked in paramUsed array, so other units can ignore them.

Memo file.swp [megabytes] create swapfile of this size (default is 16)
Chyby :lang select language (default is eng)
VGA +bits use only models with this # of bits per pixel
VGA bits use only -"-
VGA -bits don't use -"- (where "4 bits" is textmode)
VGA AxisRelLimit let only resolutions which pass this test
               Axis  is X or Y
               Rel   is one of
                         lt (Less Than)
                         eq (EQual to)
                         gt (Greater Than)
                         le (Less or Equal to)
                         ne (Not Equal to)
                         ge (Greater or Equal to)
               Limit is number of pixels (chars in textmode)

 Note that < and > symbols have special meaning (redirection) in DOS.
 If you want to use them in parameter, enclose whole parameter into ""
  (it works under MS-DOS 7.00, not yet tested elsewhere).
 Examples: xlt800 "y<600"


toolkit for Pascal DOS apps (I/O, GUI, smooth scrolling from CGA to SVGA etc)




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