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Deus ex Machina - diskmag engine
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Deus ex Machina

Diskmag engine

Works with

  • OS: DOS, older Windows versions, emulators
  • gfx: any (S)VGA in text/8/15/16/24/32bit mode
  • audio: SB/GUS/PAS/WSS when running in DOS, any audio device in Windows

Known for

  • smooth scrolling in nearly any mode (but LCDs can't match CRTs)
  • In 1994-2002, there were approx 10 diskmags or similar projects running on Deus ex Machina. Commercial ones (Pareniste, Realtime) sold over 1 million physical copies.

To see some history, boot from live CD at

two instances of Machina running in linux

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