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HTTP File Server Serving Yottabytes
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Yotta is basic http file server. It serves my personal blog

It's main purpose is though to build an epoll based event loop with all kinds of gimmicks. In addition, it's a performant file server that doesn't need 50 lines of config.

Current HTTP Features:

  • If-Modified-Since
  • (Essential) Range Support

Event loop:

  • Edge triggered epoll loop
  • Connections loadbalanced via REUSEPORT to worker processes
  • Timers via timerfd
  • Files are served directly via sendfile
  • Zero down time upgrades (same principle as nginx)


CMake is being use as a build system.

mkdir build
cd build 
cmake ../src

Will build you the yotta binary.


Run the binary in the directory you want to serve, you shall pass the address and port to listen on:

yotta -h :: -p 10000

To listen on all interfaces and port 10000.

See and yotta.unit for usage of the pid file (-i) option, daemonizing (-g) option and how to upgrade.


There are a couple of unit tests which can be run via make test in the build folder in addition to integration tests in src/test.

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