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Leaflet RouteBoxer

This is a Leaflet implementation of the RouteBoxer Class from Google.

The RouteBoxer class generates a set of L.LatLngBounds objects that are guaranteed to cover every point within a specified distance of a path, such as that generated for a route by an OSRM directions service.


Check out the example demo


bower install leaflet-routeboxer


You need to pass an array of L.Latlng objects (route) to the L.RouteBoxer.

var route = [
  [50.5, 30.5],
  [50.4, 30.6],
  [50.3, 30.7]
var boxes =, distance);

Using w/ OSRM service

OSRM uses polyline encoding to save bandwith. To decode the polyline you can use Leaflet.encoded.

// data.route_geometry is the result from a OSRM endpoint
var route = new L.Polyline(L.PolylineUtil.decode(data.route[0].geometry));
var boxes =, distance);