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Oil patches vanish if depleted. Also supports Angel's and Bob's gases and liquids.
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I started accidentally a map with lots of oil patches and got annoyed about the big amount of oil patches spread over the map. The normal game behavior would keep the oilpatch but give only 0.1 units per second (back in 0.12).

This would end in having hundreds of low emitting oil pumps, what i can't stand - so i changed them to totally dry out and disappear.

I just want to share my changes with you, if you have the same problem.

Please check your settings after updating from <= 0.16.0 to a newer version.

All settings can be changed under Settings -> Mods -> Startup for:

  • Crude Oil
  • Bob's Ground Water and Lithia Water
  • Angel's Fissure, Natural Gas, Infinite Coal and Infinite Refining Ores (Stiratite, Saphirite ...)
  • MadClown's Infinite Ores

Latest addition provides settings to reconvert infinite ores to depletable but keep the acid requirement.

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