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Module to generate HTML markup language within a DSL.


PSHTML allow people to write a HTML document(s) using powershell-like syntax, which makes building webpages easier, and less cumbersome for 'native' powersheller's.

PSHTML offers the flexibility of the PowerShell language, and allows to add logic in powershell directly in the HTML structure. This open the possibility to add loops, conditional statements, switchs, functions, classes, calling external modules etc.. all that directly from the same editor.

PSHTML comes with a templating functionality which allows one to include parts of webpages that are identical throughout the web page Eg: footer, Header,Menu etc..

Usinng PSHTML, offers code completition and syntax highliting from the the default powershell langauge. As PSHTML respects the W3C standards, any HTML errors, will be spotted immediatly.

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A change log is available here Known issues are tracked here

How to install PSHTML

PSHTML is available on the powershell gallery. You can install it using the following one liner from a powershell console

Find-Module PSHTML | Install-Module

What is PSHTML?

The best way to understand what PSHTML can do, is to skim through some examples.

A few Basic examples of what PSHTML can achieve

Basic page

The following quick example displays a simple page, with a few headers, divs, paragraphs, and header elements

html {


        title "woop title"
        link "css/normalize.css" "stylesheet"


        Header {
            h1 "This is h1 Title in header"
            div {
                p {
                    "This is simply a paragraph in a div."

            p {
                h1 "This is h1"
                h2 "This is h2"
                h3 "This is h3"
                h4 "This is h4"
                h5 "This is h5"
                h6 "This is h6"
                strong "plop";"Woop"


A more advanced example:

The following example is a tribute to PowerShell GodFather 'Jeffrey Snover' where we generated a BIO of the ShellFather gathering data from Wikipedia and other sources, all that using Powershell.

screen shot of PSHTML results

The example PSHTML / Powershell code is available here

The generated HTML code is available here


Since version 0.4 it is possible to build websites using templates. this is done by using the keyword include and specifiying the name of your template.

The following example showcase how this works:

Example04/Example04.ps1 contains the following sample code:


        h1 "This is an example generated using PSHTML Templates"

        include -name Body

        Include -Name Footer

Assuming that Example4/body.ps1 and Example/Footer.ps1 contains the following pshtmlcode:


    h2 "This comes from a template file"


div {
    h4 "This is the footer from a template"
        "Copyright from template"

Would generate the following code:

        <h1>This is an example generated using PSHTML Templates</h1>
        <h2>This comes from a template file</h2>
            <h4>This is the footer from a template</h4>

Generating a (very) basic form

form "MyPage.php" post _self -Content {

    input "text" "FirstName"
    input "text" "LastName"
    input submit "MySubmit"

Which generates the following code:

<form action="MyPage.php" method="post" target="_self" >
    <input type="text" name="FirstName" >
    <input type="text" name="LastName" >
    <input type="submit" name="MySubmit" >

Generating a HTML Table

$proc = Get-Process | Select-Object -Skip 8 -First 10
$css = 'body{background:#252525;font:87.5%/1.5em Lato,sans-serif;padding:20px}table{border-spacing:1px;border-collapse:collapse;background:#F7F6F6;border-radius:6px;overflow:hidden;max-width:800px;width:100%;margin:0 auto;position:relative}td,th{padding-left:8px}thead tr{height:60px;background:#367AB1;color:#F5F6FA;font-size:1.2em;font-weight:700;text-transform:uppercase}tbody tr{height:48px;border-bottom:1px solid #367AB1;text-transform:capitalize;font-size:1em;&:last-child {;border:0}tr:nth-child(even){background-color:#E8E9E8}'

html {
    head { 
        style {
    body {
        ConvertTo-HTMLtable -Object $proc -Inline -properties Id, Name, Handles, StartTime, WorkingSet
}  | Out-File 'C:\temp\Example-ConvertTo-HTMLtable.html'

Which generate the following HTML page :

screen shot of PSHTML ConvertTo-HTMLtable results

Dynamic pages:

It is possible to couple PSHTML with other cool technologies such as nodejs or Polaris.

Read the following example on how to do this (Thanks to chen!!)

Todo List

There is a lot to accomplish before making this module available to the public.

I plan the following most important milestones:

  • Provide basic functionality (Generating an HTML document) using the DSL. The following sections are the highest priority:
    • Root
    • Sections
    • Tables
    • blocs
    • Forms
    • Textual semantic
    • Metadata

In parallel to this, I want to add the support for the following attributes (as a first step):

  • Class
  • Id
  • Style

Eventually, the following components will also be added:

  • Scripts
  • Include Sections
  • Interactive Data

The attribute I want to set is not available

The objective, is to have integrated every tag and every possible attribute in PSHTML. Since this needs to be done on an individual basis (per HTML tag), this task is pretty huge, and will take some time to complete HTML 5 Coverage Below.

In the mean time, two ways are available to you:

  1. Prefered Method: Add the attribute your self, be forking the repository, and simply adding a parameter to the function.
  2. Use the -Attributes parameter.

Each function has an additional parameter called: Attributes of type HashTable. It allow to add additional html tags without having to list ALL the existing attributes. It offers flexibility for custom and/or special htmls attributes, or the ones that are not immediatly available to you. (Open an issue, if you want to have an additional parameter for a specific html element. Or, you could add it your self, since this is an open sourced project ;) (Read 'contributing' part here under.


option -Attributes @{"CustomAttributeName"="MyValue"}

generates the following HTML:

<option CustomAttributeName="MyValue"  >

HTML 5 coverage

I would like to have all HTML 5 tags available in PSHTML ASAP. The list is currently ongoing, and this is work in progress. It can be followed here


Read how you can contribute to pshtmlby reading the contributing document.