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Chronodot library for the Arduino IDE
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Chronodot Library for the Arduino IDE

This library provides the usual Real Time Clock (RTC) functions from the original
RTClib (courtesy of Adafruit) from which it was derrived. It adds the ability
to read out the temperature as sensed by the Chronodot's internal temperature
sensor. The readings are available in both celcius and farenheit.

Examples are provided.


May 2012:	Added preprocessor directives in Chronodot.h
                which allows the file to be included multiple times
February 2012:  Fixed bug in isRunning function - was checking 
				the wrong register!
				Fixed variable type error - was using unsigned
				int for temperature, should have been int, to
				accomodate negative numbers.
December 2011:	Updated for Arduino 1.0 compatibility

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