VR Maze. Unity mobile app project for Udacity's VRND course - Project 3
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Windows 95 VR Maze

A mobile VR game built for Google Cardboard for those that need to fulfill their nostalgia of the old Windows 95 operating systems. This virtual reality project sees the player navigate the Windows 95 screensaver environment, requiring them to collect keys that enable their escape.

Game walkthrough: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=azzfmNZwTfs

Windows 95 VR Maze


  • Click on the green squares to navigate
  • Click on the coins and key to collect them
  • Click on the door to open (once the key is found :)

How to Install

  • Open project in Unity 5.5.x (I used 5.5.4f1)
  • In the Build Setting switch the platform to Android (may work for iOS, but I did not test it)


  • See Build folder for APK
  • Download the APK to your Android device and install

GVR Unity SDK Version



Unity mobile app project for Udacity's VRND course. My assignment was to build a VR application using Unity and the Google VR SDK where the user explores a maze environment to demonstrate working knowledge of 2D and 3D UI, waypoint based navigation, procedural animation, interactive objects, spatial audio, particle effects and persistent storage of session data.

Windows 95 VR Maze

Windows 95 VR Maze

Windows 95 VR Maze