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2D Platformer game made using java.processing
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Looking for a cool project ? well here is a good one ! Project 16x16 is a 2D Platformer game made using java/processing. You are able to contribute to this project. The goal is to make a cool game in processing together, that includes You. Plus, if you are not a programmer, well this is a game so, we also need cool ideas for gameplay mechanics and story, level designers, also people who can do soundtracks/audio, and artists ! We are already using the amazing industrial tileset made by 0x72, but! Additional art can be added like UI designs, effects and epic bosses for epic boss fights ;)

How do I start!

Wow!! This project seems EPIC! Right? And its made in processing, like whhhooaaahht ! So how do I get in, how do I start? Simple!


  1. Join the discord server
  2. Dont know processing? their official website
  3. Still dont know processing? Epic processing tutorials by the CodingTrain on YouTube
  4. Now you should know processing, but maybe you dont know the Eclipse IDE, tutorial here
  5. Okay, now you are ready to setup the project in eclipse, read this wiki
  6. Have fun coding and meeting other contributors on discord :D

Artist, Sound designer, Ideas

  • Join the discord server
  • Write you ideas in the folder idea in the text file format of your choice, for exemple: .md, .txt or .docx

This is the final result we are aiming for

Art by 0x72, more here


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