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Looking forward to contribute to an awesome open source project? Well here is a good one! Project 16x16 is a 2D Platformer game made with java and processing. You are able to contribute to this project. The goal is to make a cool game in processing together, that includes You. Plus, if you are not a programmer, well this is a game so we need cool ideas for gameplay mechanics, original story concepts, level designers, also people who can create soundtracks/audio, and artists! We are already using the amazing industrial tileset made by 0x72, but! additional art is needed like UI designs, effects and epic bosses for epic boss fights ;)

How do I start!

Wow!! This project seems EPIC! Right? And its made in processing, like whhhooaaahht ! So how do I get in, how do I start? Simple:

First, join our Discord server this is where anything and everything (not just code) related to development is discussed.


  1. Want to learn how to code? dive right in
  2. Don't know processing? their official website
  3. Still don't know processing? Epic processing tutorials by the CodingTrain on YouTube
  4. Now you should know processing, but maybe you've never used the Eclipse IDE before, tutorial here
  5. First time contributing to an open source project? we made just for you
  6. Okay, now you are ready to setup the project inside the code editor, read this wiki
  7. Have fun coding and meeting other contributors on discord :D

Other developers

  • Write your ideas in the folder idea, preferably with the .md file format or share on Discord directly!

Overall goal

The goal of the project is to create an amazing video game with processing to make people go WOW. We are going the extra mile to show what can be achieved with processing and to understand from A to Z how we made it. We are building a big project from scratch to inspire others.

Contribution to an open source project is a great element to display on your portfolio


Main Menu

Showcasing the main menu, which features an animated background. Four buttons, start game, multiplayer, settings, quit game

In game

Showcasing how the in game looks like. In top left the player has 6 slots to hold items within the editing system. Four buttons, edit, inventory, play, save


Showcasing the multiplayer. Three buttons, host a game, connect to a game, quit game.


Showcasing the settings.Five buttons, configure graphics, configure audio and volume, configure controls, apply, quit


Showcasing the host, text input for IP and port, 2 buttons, host, back to menu


Showcasing the client, text input for IP and port, 2 buttons, connect, back to menu

Multiplayer showcase (Host)

Showcasing multiplayer, host looking at the client connected player

Multiplayer showcase (Client)

Showcasing multiplayer, client looking at the host connected player

Gameplay showcase

Showcasing gameplay which the project offers

Art by 0x72 (more here).