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A torrent site mirroring tool


The goal of BitCannon is to provide the tools to easily aggregate the content of many torrent sites into an easily browse-able format.

BitCannon aims to be as user friendly as possible while still providing robustness and the features you would expect. We hope the average user will use BitCannon to keep personal bittorrent archives, but we strive to produce code that can stand up to running a public mirror as well.

Project Mirrors

This project is available on:

How to use: Simple Set-Up

See the Wiki for regular easy set up instructions

How to use: Building From Source

If you are not a programmer or do not wish to install this long list of things, use the instructions on the wiki instead!

  • NodeJS
  • Grunt
  • Bower
  • Golang
  • Golang Dependencies

(Note: These building instructions may get out of date from time to time due to code changes. If you just want to use BitCannon, you should use the Wiki instructions instead.)


  • Install and run MongoDB from official packages

You must build the web first, as it gets embedded into the api binary.


  • Install node (sudo pacman -S nodejs)
  • Install bower and grunt with sudo npm install -g grunt and sudo npm install -g grunt-cli
  • In /web type npm install, bower install, and grunt
  • Check that the web built into the dist folder

If grunt fails with errors, you may have not installed it properly. The NodeJS and Grunt guys probably know more about it than I do


  • Clone the repo
  • Install go (packer -S go-git)
  • Set $GOPATH (export GOPATH=$HOME/.go)
  • Set $PATH (export PATH="$PATH:$GOPATH/bin")
  • Restart your terminal if you added these env vars to the startup script

Go can be hard to install without nice official packages. If go spits errors, try googling them a bit before opening an issue. It may not be specific to this project.

  • Copy api/config.example.json to config.json
  • In the main folder, run make build_api to try to build
  • If go complains about dependencies, get them with go get <url>

Once you have all of the dependencies, it will build into the api/build folder.

  • Run bitcannon to run the server
  • Run bitcannon <btArchive.txt> to import torrents

Extra things and tips

  • If you edit the web app, typing make build in the main folder will recompile both the web and api into api/build
  • If you only edited the api folder, use make build_api to avoid recompiling the web
  • Optional: Cross compile for other platforms (Your go installation must be from the source or it will spit errors)
    • Run go get
    • Build the toolchain with gox -build-toolchain
    • Compile with make deploy (Will make a zip containing all the binaries)


The early version of BitCannon aims to provide import functionality from bittorrent archives and a simple interface to browse and search your torrent database. Later versions may have more advanced features like auto updating torrent indexes and possibly more.


This is MIT licensed, so do whatever you want with it. Just don't blame me for anything that happens.

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