Importing Torrents

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Auto Import On Start

Starting on version 0.0.5, BitCannon checks the config.json for torrent archive URLs. When BitCannon starts, it automatically attempts to import any archives listed.

Update Scheduling

You may have noticed a frequency field in the config.json. As you might guess, this is intended to let BitCannon know how often to reimport the URL. Unfortunately, this feature has not been implimented yet.

Obtaining a compatible torrent archive

There are several torrent sites that offer archives of their partial or complete torrent database.

  • Kickass
  • Demonoid

See the footer of these sites for a link to the API page, which contains the archives

Tip: I would advise against downloading full backups as files larger than 500mb can take half an hour or more to import even on fast computers

Improving performance is a current issue that is being worked on

Manually Importing Torrent Archives

  • Download the archive you wish to import
  • You may unzip the txt file from the gz archive or import it as a gz file
  • Drag the file onto the BitCannon executable
  • Wait

At any time, you may start the bitcannon executable normally to run the server, and use to browse torrents as they import.

When the BitCannon window closes, the torrents should be imported.