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Version 2.0.4_2 (11/12/2016)

Download: Version 2.0.4_2 (Click here)

  • Add option to show time on the widget (can be used as watchface via wearable-widgets on watches not supporting Android Wear)

Version 2.0.4_1 (2/20/2016)

Download: Version 2.0.4_1 (Click here)

  • Fixed issue where watch faces crash after updating the watch os.

Version 2.0.4 (1/15/2016)

Download: Version 2.0.4 (Click here)

  • Fixed issue where updates came in (very) late.
  • Added support for Android Marshmallow
  • Added new watchface
  • Added RAW values (see:
  • Fixed issue where the delta had wrong sign following via Share
  • Scalable timeframe for charts on Watchface (settings)
  • Fixed rounding issue

Version 2.0.3a (9/24/2015)

Download: NightWatch-v2.0.3.apk

  • Fixed issue where persistant notification was not showing

Version 2.0.2a (9/24/2015)

Download: NightWatch-v2.0.2.apk

  • consider this an alpha version to hold people over who are having trouble with funnel cake and nightwatch, full changelog to come
  • TONS of amazing work by AdrianLxM
  • updated all watch images
  • added watch settings
  • added circular watchfaces
    • tons more, sorry, I will add them all later!!
  • ported over tzachi-dar's alerts code from xDrip
  • Ported over jstevensog's pebble watch integration from xDrip (download the watchface here:

Version 1.0.2 (5/23/2015)

Download: NightWatch-v1.0.2.apk

New in this version:


  • BugFix for Android version 5.1.1 not displaying watch face options (@mgranberry)
  • Persistant notification option with Graph (@mgranberry)
  • BugFix for collection services not automaticaly starting after entering info in settings


  • BugFix for crash when attempting to send pebble data


  • "Follow" a Dexcom Share user!!!
  • Backfill Missing Data
  • Send Missed Data points to Watch
  • More robust reconnection handling
  • Homescreen and Lockscreen Widgets!
  • Stability Improvements