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Download Current Version

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Download newest Nightscout version here: xDrip-plus-latest.apk

Nightscout xDrip+ source repository and project page

Version 2 (beta)

A lot work has been done on version 2 like adoption to newer operating systems, adoption to changed server infrastructure, a lot of bug fixes and much more. Even though it is still in beta state it will probably do a better job for you than the current release. For the current BETA version click here.

Download old: xDrip-v1.0.1.apk

In this version:

  • Dexcom Share Support
  • Raw Data Support
  • Foreground service collection for all bluetooth collection methods
  • More robust reconnection handling
  • Status screen
  • Bugfix for crash on unpairing
  • Homescreen and Lockscreen Widget!
  • Stability Improvements
  • Wakelocks and more exact timers to prevent data delays

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