xDrip Beta

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Beta6 v2.0.6_1 update 1 (click here to download)

  • Emergency fix for calibration algorithm (DIY receiver and G5).

Beta6 v2.0.6 (Problems with calibration algorithm! If you use a DIY receiver or G5, please upgrade or use a previous version)


  • Range lines on Widget (Adrian)
  • Extra status line for calibration and today's stats. (Adrian & Tzachi)
  • Feedback from @Timomer's HAPP shown on watchfaces (Adrian)
  • Settings Export (Jamorham)
  • A lot of stability fixes (Tzachi & Adrian)
  • G5 G5 G5 G5 and G5!!!! (John Costik)
  • Filtered Data on Chart (Jamorham)
  • LimiTTer support (Adrian)
  • xBridg+Wifi-Wixel (Tzachi)
  • All alars deletable (disable) (Tzachi)
  • Restrict range for calibration entries (Adrian)
  • Pebble-Trend watchface (John Stevens)

When you intend to use G5 please also join the tester group (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1021594524580709/?fref=nf). Also see http://www.nightscout.info/wiki/labs/xdrip-with-dexcom-g5-support-beta

Beta5 v2.0.5_2 update 2 (click here to download)

Pebble-Watchface: https://apps.getpebble.com/applications/55b97282a06a0eb253000094 Pebble-Round (workaround): http://bit.ly/pbw-xdrip-round

Updates to 2.0.5:

  • Update 2.0.5_2: fix an issue Android Wear (watch faces crashed) - Adrian
  • Update 2.0.5_1: fix an issue with Share upload (programme crashed) - Matthias


  • Sending Raw to NightWatch - Adrian
  • Wifi-Wixel overhaul - mostly Tzachi & jamorham
  • Now including http(s) input generated by Parakeet (https://jamorham.github.io/)
  • BT fix for JellyBean - Tim Butler
  • Transmitter batterywarning: disable in settings - Adrian
  • XBridge2 battery disable + tweaks - John & Johan
  • Alarm System tweaks - mostly Tzachi & Johan
  • Marshmallow Support - Matthias & Sam Marder
  • Some adaptions to fit smaller screens
  • Pause Speak-Readings on active phone calls - Adrian
  • Show value as tool-tip when tapped on the chart - Adrian
  • Simultaneously support Wifi and Bluetooth wixels - jamorham
  • Some fixes where xDrip crashed - Matthias, Tzachi, Adrian
  • Quicker startup - Adrian
  • Calibration graph (Share fix & grey out old entries) - Adrian
  • Android Wear integration - Adrian
  • Stability tweaks for Share - Matthias
  • Stability teaks for wixel input methods - Tzachi & John
  • Backfilling on Rest-Upload and other upload teaks and bugfixes - Matthias, Tzachi, Adrian
  • Improvements in data upload and less local db growth - Tzachi

A note regarding Marshmallow (Android 6) in Cyanogen-Mod and Google Nexus flavour: These versions of Android have the "privacy guard" that by default has location services disabled for the app and will only ask you if you want to allow them if xDrip would actually access GPS services (which it doesn't). You have to enable the permission for location services manually in the system settings (Settings > apps > xdrip > Permissions). Thanks to @LadyViktoria who found this solution.

old: Beta5 v2.0.5_1 update 1 (click here to download) Beta5 v2.0.5 (click here to download)

Beta4 v2.0.3 (click here to download)


  • Mongo3 support for reals this time
  • BGs read aloud (@AdrianLxM)
  • Sensor location data collection (for algorithm improvements) (@tzachi-dar)
  • Various minor bugfixes

Beta3 v2.0.2 (click here to download)


  • Fixed Dexcom Share server uploading
  • Added Dexcom Share Follower management (under settings > Dexcom Share Server Upload > Manage followers)
  • Added transmitter battery level to the System Status page (relevant for wixel users) (@AdrianLxM)
  • Updated Mongo Library to support new Mongo DB versions (@AdrianLxM)
  • Added calibration entries to graph (@JacoCronje)
  • Fixed an issue where sensors over 25 days old displayed as negatives (@JacoCronje)

Beta2 v2.0.1 (click here to download)


  • Added an errors screen where users can view recently thrown errors for troubleshooting (found in settings)
  • Vibrate on notifications can now be toggled on and off
  • Support for Pebble Time


  • Fixed a crash that happened when run in foreground was enabled but there was no data to display
  • Fixed a crash that happened when a lollipop user had bluetooth turned off and hit scan bt devices
  • Fixed a crash that happened if you opened and closed the app super fast!
  • Updated the graphing library to hopefully fix a rare crash
  • Fixed an error where changing a collection service did not take place right away
  • Attempted to fix an error that may have been preventing certain secrets from working on the new nightscout.net
  • Fixed an issue where hitting an option in the drawer would sometimes open the wrong window
  • Unified deltas across the app


Please note that if you want to use the offline watchface after updating to this app you will need to uninstall the watchface and then grab the newest version of the xDrip watchface from the pebble store.

the xDrip watch face no longer includes vibrations for BGL alerts. These are now all done in the xDrip BGL alerts code, and sent to the watch as notifications. This means that you must enable Third Party App Notifications in the Pebble or Pebble Time app Notifications settings on the phone, and ensure either All Apps, or xDrip is selected to send notifications.

You can grab the latest watchface here: https://apps.getpebble.com/applications/55b97282a06a0eb253000094

Beta v2.0.0 (click here to download)


  • Alarms and Alerts overhaul (@tzachi-dar)

  • Custom bg alerts that can be set by bg level and time of day

  • Different volume profiles to be chosen from (Silent, vibrate, ascending, medium, high)

  • Snooze on notification dismiss

  • Persistent until snoozed

  • User can choose different sounds for different levels

  • Missed reading alerts

  • Smart snoozing on alerts (If you have previously snoozed an alert and its about to alarm again, if you are trending in the proper direction it will defer alarming, User toggle-able)

  • Smart alerting on alerts (If you have previously snoozed an alert and its about to alarm again, but you have fallen under a different alert category, the new alert will automatically snooze, User toggle-able)

  • Noise value alerts (If your sensor seems to sending a lot of noisy values, you can be alerted, user toggle-able)

  • Rising and Falling Alerts

  • xBridge Integration (@jstevensog)

  • xBridge Battery Monitoring

  • xBridge collection method

  • Read the awesome docs John put together here

  • ^^Did you read it yet?? Because you should, its great!

  • Offline Pebble Integration (@jstevensog)

  • Special thanks to Kevin Lee, Kate Farnsworth and Christine Deltrap (whos work this is based off of!)

  • Download and install it here

  • Repo for the pebble watch face can be found here

  • Statistics/Reports in app (@AdrianLxM with work from @mgranberry)

  • Day, yesterday, 30 day and 90 graphs and statistics

  • SparkLine in Persistant notification and Widget background (@mgranberry)

  • small graph will display in notification if you tell the app to run in the foreground

  • widget now has a graph as its background

  • Barcode scanning!!(@mgranberry and of course @ktind & the nightscout team who did the initial work!)

  • Adjustments to function on smaller Screens (watches)

  • Ability to upload to Dexcoms servers (Does not yet include the ability to send invites)

  • Stability Improvements

  • Performance Improvements

  • Preferences clean up

  • Smarter device scanning

  • Clicking widget now opens the application (@AdrianLxM)

  • Version number in status screen (@AdrianLxM)

  • Rest interface updated to use the proper url formatting (@mgranberry)

  • Wakelock improvements(@AdrianLxM & @bhandfast & @mgranberry)

  • BugFixes

  • Fix ability to backfill unsent data

  • Fix an issue where a certain arrow may show incorrectly when paired with Dexcom share

  • Fix a crash that occurred when numbers were typed in for high/low alert values with certain android keyboards

  • Fix an issue where the phone may fall asleep immediately after retrying new data from the dex share

  • Fix some typos

  • Fix an issue where noise was not being persisted properly

  • Fix an issue where dexcom share was sending age adjusted raw data to nightscout

  • Fix an issue where below 40 would show 40 rather than LOW

  • Fix an issue where certain phone themes were making the menu hard to read

  • Fix an issue the latest android os would have trouble scanning

Confused about some of the settings?

  • Check out some of the info I have started to put together on them here

Find anything Wrong? Any Crashes?

  • Please File an issue here and be sure to start the description with [BETA]
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