coding challenge: Create an app that can interactively play the game and never lose.
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1. Fork this repo on GitHub
2. Create a program that can interactively play the game of Tic-Tac-Toe against a human player and never lose.
3. Commit early and often, with good messages.
4. Push your code back to GitHub and send me a pull request.

If you don't want to broadcast your intentions by forking this, feel free to clone it and work locally. Then, send us a tar.gz of your solution, including your .git folder so we can see your commit history.

We are a Django shop, but it is not a requirement that you implement your program as a Django app.

(Don't be offended when I don't actually pull. I will clone your repo and inspect it locally when I receive the request. This repo will be left solution-less for obvious reasons.)