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# Downloads dependencies for djangoappenginge project
# Run at start of project like: ./
# You have to be in the root project folder for this to work properly
echo "Changing dir to src/..."
mkdir lib/
mkdir src/django/ src/djangotoolbox/ src/autoload/ src/dbindexer/ src/djangoappengine/
cd lib/
echo "Downloading and unzipping django-nonrel..."
git clone -q
echo "Downloading and unzipping djangoappengine..."
git clone -q
echo "Downloading and unzipping djangotoolbox..."
git clone -q
echo "Downloading and unzipping django-autoload..."
git clone -q
echo "Downloading and unzipping django-dbindexer..."
git clone -q
echo "Moving files around..."
cp -R django-nonrel/django/* ../src/django/
cp -R djangotoolbox/djangotoolbox/* ../src/djangotoolbox/
cp -R django-autoload/autoload/* ../src/autoload/
cp -R django-dbindexer/dbindexer/* ../src/dbindexer/
cp -R djangoappengine/* ../src/djangoappengine/
echo "Cleaning the src/ folder"
cd ../src/
rm -rf django-nonrel/.git*
rm -rf djangoappengine/.git* djangoappengine/docs/
rm -rf djangotoolbox/.git*
rm -rf django-autoload/.git*
rm -rf django-dbindexer/.git*
echo "Files in the src/ folder: "
find . -type f |wc -l
echo "---"
echo "Done, test that it all works by running 'python runserver'"