Keep the files under 3000, and kickstart your Django development on Google AppEngine
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  1. Clone the repo:

    git clone
  2. cd to newly downladed files:

    cd django-appengine-boilerplate
  3. Run setup script:


... Wait for the script to finish. Try with sudo if it gives permission errors.

  1. Test that it all works by "cd src/" and "python runserver"
  2. Bonus: could be a good idea to create a superuser too; "python createsuperuser"


When deploying you should only deploy the src/ folder, which should contain ~3000 files.

What does it do?

The script, basically just runs a bunch of commands i a series.

First, it downloads the following frameworks:

Second, it deletes docs/ extras/ scripts/ etc. from the django-nonrel installation and creates a backup of it in lib/ Same goes for the other frameworks: extract the module, create backup in lib/

In the end it just counts the total files in the src/ folder, which is to be deployed.


Feel free to fork, contribute and contact me with ideas.